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Kick Start Healing!!

So often we hear the comment "oh it's like that it's my genes" or "you're probably suffering because your parents had bad backs". Well lately it has been proven that most of this is absolute rubbish. There are a few syndromes and conditions that can be down to genetics or DNA but in the main not much get's passed on.

Scientists in America conducted an experiment to try and prove the theory and actually ended up completely disproving it, proving in fact, that the opposite is true. They took a sample of cells and divided them into three samples exactly the same

in chemistry, size and batch size, all they did then was expose the three samples to three different environments, the results were startling. One sample developed into muscle, the second sample developed into bone and the third into fat cells. All from one original sample.

What this showed was that our cells development and how are bodies react is more reliant on the environment that they are subjected to than anything else, driven predominantly by our blood chemistry. For instance is we shovel sugar into our bodies we have a higher chance of cancer because of the extra blood sugar and variability of the blood's chemicals. Likewise if we are psychologically unstable, i.e. suffering stress, we increase the levels of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin etc. etc. and cause a chemical imbalance throughout the body.

So in short, to give yourself a better chance of not developing major disease, treat yourself kindly, recognise the signs of physical and psychological ill health and start listening to your body treating it kindly and fuelling it with the correct nutrients.

Next time: How you can completely change your body physically and psychologically by thinking


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