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The Silent Killer!!

We have a modern phenomenon in the Western World in that we are hell bent on putting substances in our bodies that will kill us, not an over statement but a simple fact. No other species on this planet is so stupid. Why? No idea, I don’t but millions of folk due, mostly in the rich countries.

So what actually is the issue? The human body is not designed to be acidic. It is meant to be alkaline. Acidic conditions inside the body is one of the primary reasons why cancer develops and other life threatening disease, there’s that word again – see my earlier Blog.

So what is it that we are specifically doing that causes the issue, very simple, energy drinks loaded with huge amounts of sugar and caffeine to “bring us energy and other health benefits”. Really?? Energy drinks are extremely acidic, so just how much acid is in them? One of the investigations into the efficacy of these drinks discovered that when measured on pH scale, these drinks beat an acid battery by one point. Nice! Keep on drinking those babies!

There are some very simple tests that you can do at home to see how destructive they really are. Because of their acidity most of them can be easily used to clean various surfaces. Try taking a dirty coin and leaving it in a bowl of it over night and also try taking a small piece of food and leave it in a small bowl of it overnight, have a look at the outcomes. Enough said? And if that isn’t enough, they are responsible for making bones brittle and weak and the carbonation causes loss of calcium from bones.

Studies reveal that people that drink these drinks every day have a 48% higher risk of stroke and heart attack and nearly all those who drank them daily had increased blood pressure and increased blood sugar levels. Also these people have an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, and ADHD. And the good news doesn’t stop there: decreased Kidney and Liver function and further Impacts on the brain including increased risks of stroke and dementia. Anyone for another can of Monster??

Culturally these and many other types of carbonated “fast food” drinks have so deeply penetrated all of the cultures, customs and communities that in a lot of places clean drinking water is costlier than them, what a crazy world we live in and what a weird species we belong to!

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